Our extensive experience allows us to take on any kind of proceedings in the field of business law and civil law

Our goal is to collaborate with our clients in creating a framework that will avoid disputes with third parties. However, for those cases where it is not possible to avoid disputes, we have professionals who are experts in civil and commercial litigation, with the knowledge, talent and experience to design the best and most efficient defense strategy, to accompany the client in managing the conflict and in creating the most favorable scenario for their interests and, where appropriate, to successfully defend the most complex and sophisticated cases before judicial and arbitration authorities.

We firmly believe that successful advice in the event of conflict requires a deep knowledge of the sector and of the uniqueness of the client, since this allows us to draw up the best defense options considering the risks and advantages of the specific case and also the impact of each on the internal and commercial structure of our clients.

Our expertise not only in general sectors and problems, but also in specific ones, facilitates this understanding of each client and case, which, in short, allows us to broadly assess the risks and advantages in order to design the best defense strategy.

We also advise on corporate financial crisis processes that require refinancing agreements as a result of an insolvency situation of the company or its collaborators, assuming, where necessary, the defense of the client in bankruptcy matters.

Legal Jovs has lawyers who are specialized in conflict resolution through alternative instruments, both advising the client during the negotiation of the most suitable solution, and assuming the position of mediator.