She has over 25 years' experience in legal advice on economic and business criminal law and related to the civil service.


She has been a practicing criminal lawyer since 1992, and is a member of the Barcelona Bar Association. I developed most of my professional career in the Criminal Department of Cuatrecasas Abogados (September 1992-March 1995 and April 2000-January 2015), and since 2015 in my own office. Being specialized in Economic Criminal Law related to business activity, I have extensive experience in legal advice, either preventive or acting as a defense or accusation before the criminal jurisdiction, defending the interests of both individuals and companies and public administrations. In this field, and I have participated in complex criminal proceedings for crimes against property, misrepresentations, corporate offences, asset seizures and punishable insolvency, crimes against intellectual property, crimes against privacy and honor, crimes against the Public Treasury, crimes committed by public officials, crimes of public and private corruption, crimes against the environment, crimes against workers’ rights and against safety in the workplace, among others.


Construction, industrial, banking, services, health care, real estate, public administration



I have participated as a lecturer and speaker in courses and conferences related to economic criminal law and criminal liability of company administrators and managers in various academic and business forums (Cuatrecasas, ESADE, CEF-UDIMA, APD, …).


Spanish, Catalan, Italian.