High quality professional criminal advice and personalized treatment,
which adapts to your needs and gives you security and trust

Our extensive professional experience allows us to lead and assume legal management and coordination in criminal proceedings, whatever the degree of complexity, related to economic crimes and all types of crimes related to business activity and public administration, exercising both the private accusation and the defense of administrators, managers, officials and employees of private companies and the public administration, as well as individuals.

We collaborate with law firms from other areas of legal practice in matters of their clients that require criminal advice, forming with them interdisciplinary teams when necessary.

We are experts in the criminal defense of legal persons in proceedings filed due to so-called “corporate crime”, in cases where companies or legal persons are liable for committing a crime.

We provide preventive legal-criminal advice and compliance advice to directors and companies, from a proactive approach aimed at reviewing prevention models and risk management, which also includes legal advice to ethics committees, legal support in internal investigations and training in these matters.